“You are what you eat.”Victor Lindlahr/Nutritionist

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At instaMART, we strongly believe in providing you with quality products through quality service. Therefore, we strive to list as many supermarket retailers as possible to procure you a diverse and wide range of items sourced locally and from around the world in order to cater to your every need. Our drivers also make it their mission to make each and every delivery within your scheduled time.


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instaMART is the only local delivery service of its kind with state of the art technology and a wide-ranging driver network across the metropolitan area. With instaMART: shopping has never been this easy.
Whether through our app or website, grocery shopping is no longer a drab affair. Our interface makes browsing through thousands of products very simple while, you can also use voice commands to search for a product and add it to your cart.
Through A.I. technology, we also present you with the possibility of using old shopping receipts to search for items and add them to cart using your smart device’s camera. Furthermore, you can simply take pictures of the products you wish to purchase in order to add them to your shopping list.